En este momento estás viendo We invite you to know the testimony of the farmer Javier Martín and his experience using our biostimulant Ficosagro

We invite you to know the testimony of the farmer Javier Martín and his experience using our biostimulant Ficosagro

Ficosterra has begun, with this video, a series of testimonies from farmers, agronomists, and entrepreneurs who have tested our fertilizers and biostimulants made of algae and have told us their experience and results.

We have approached the small Segovian town of Paradinas (Segovia, Spain) to learn of the results of the application of our liquid biostimulant ficosagro® in the garden of Javier Martín, a passionate farmer, lover of his people and his profession, where he has always tried to be innovative.

Paradinas is a small town in the municipality of Santa María la Real de Nieva, located about 30 kilometers from Segovia in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León (Spain).

This surprising and small place has, among its treasures, numerous mosaics belonging to an ancient Roman villa and a wonderful 16th-century church listed as a cultural asset.

Javier`s bicycle 1960

During our visit to Paradinas, we also had the opportunity to get to know a museum piece that our dear friend Javier Martin keeps in his warehouse with care: the bicycle that has served him for many years to move from his house to his work area.

Javier grows, like many other farmers in his village, dryland sunflower, barley, and wheat. He also has a small garden, he tells us in the video, for his consumption. That is where he decided to try Ficosterra’s innovative products and learn firsthand the benefits that algae bring to agriculture.

He had never heard of the regenerating properties of algae. Nor did he have access to them because he was not near the coastal zone. It was his son Daniel who gave a gift “very special to him because it had to do with what he liked most: agriculture,” he tells us in the video.

Javier received from his son, as a Christmas gift, the Ficosterra-g seaweed fertilizer-Bokashi, and our biostimulant Ficosagro and decided to try it in his garden, where he grows tomatoes, peppers, onions, and more for own consumption. He had nothing to lose, since being 100% natural and ecological products, they could not harm his crop!

After a while he noticed “a rather profound difference,” he tells us because his plants grew more vigorously than ever and had a greater production in the treated areas.

Ficosterra has carried out several trials with the biostimulant Ficosagro in horticultural and the results are in line with what Javier has been able to verify in his garden. We invite you to look at the Case of Success of the test carried out in industry tomatoes in Badajoz, where in the last campaign (2018) we obtained an increase of production close to 16%; an increase of 3.5 mm of the caliber of the fruit and a greater degree of maturity.

Before concluding, we want to take advantage of these lines to thank, very sincerely, Javier, his wife, and his son Daniel for the hospitality received during our stay in Paradinas and the confidence they placed in our products. They encouraged other farmers like Javier to experiment with the regenerative properties of our 100% organic products of algae extracts. Your crops and our environment will thank you!

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