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The Scientific Park of the USAL Incorporates Ficosterra S.L.

Burgos Company of Biotechnology

The general director of the Science Park Foundation of the USAL, Juan Manuel Corchado, and Luis Lombana, general director of the biotechnology company Ficosterra of Burgos, have signed a collaboration agreement within the framework of SALAMAQ17 whereby the Scientific Park Foundation of the USAL will incorporate in the Campus in Villamayor,this Burgos company, which intends to continue in collaboration with the research groups of the University of Salamanca, the development of their research on the application of algae and microorganisms to agriculture and livestock

Ficosterra, sl., with offices in Burgos and Madrid, has developed a line of products, services, and solutions for the improvement of agriculture and the remediation of polluted environments, soils, and waters whose common denominator is the Ficos technology: Functional, Integrative, Coexisting, and Sustainable. Thanks to this, it manages, among other challenges, to reduce the organic matter (from cattle stalls, purines, or household waste) in a shorter time frame, to convert it into a new product of high biological value, which is incorporated into the soil in order to regenerate it and enrich its crops. It also develops biostimulants for use in agriculture that improve the production of crops, without having environmental impact because they are ecological.

Ficosterra, which is born and is based on the principles of the Circular Economy, is very aware of the important challenge facing Spain in terms of compliance with the European 2020 Strategy, a roadmap towards an efficient Europe in the use of its resources that produces less waste, whenever possible. This is where Ficosterra wants to play an important role and make itself available to the different administrations, waste management companies, and farmers, to offer them its solutions, services, and products that contribute to transforming a waste laden with enormous management and service costs into a quality product that regenerates our fields.

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