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The Ficosagro® Bio-Fertilizer in Young Strawberries

Case Study – Countryside 2017-2018

With the aim of knowing the influence on the vegetative development, production levels, and profitability of our liquid biofertilizer, ficosagro® (made from algae and regenerative microorganisms), Ficosterra started trails on young strawberries in September 2017.

Strawberry Test

Since September 22, 2017, Moguer (Huelva), has been the site of the trial in the production of strawberries (the «San Andreas» variety) that Ficosterra has carried out on 1.3 hectares with 2.6 more hectares being used as the control subject. The goal was to quantify the impact of the application of the biofertilizer líquidoidoficosagro® on the strawberry crop to measure its incidence in:

  • Vegetative development
  • Advancement of harvest
  • Production levels
  • Level of total return

After eight applications of ficosagro®, through fertigation, the data obtained has been striking in terms of development and collection:

COLLECTION DATA, Moguer, Huelva – Countryside 2017-2018

Both photos taken on November 9, 2017

  1. Even at the beginning, the vegetative and productive cycle developed much better on the surface treated with Ficosagro® (1.6 ha) compared to the “control” plot (2.6 ha).
  2. Although this increase has tended to stabilize and harmonize with the control area after the second month of application (December) until the end of the trial, it should be noted that this time of increase coincided with the most important moments from the point of view of economic value of the production.
  3. The beginning of the stabilization of growth and harvesting of the surface treated with ficosagro® coincided with the arrival of low temperatures and environmental conditions that reduce the efficiency of microorganisms.
  4. The ratio of product cost to the collection obtained exceeds 10%, which indicates the very high profitability derived from the application of ficosagro®.
  5. The challenge that lies ahead is to know the behaviors of this application with higher doses from the second month of treatment

For more information and detail of this study, you can contact our technical department: info@ficosterra.com

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