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Success case of cultivation of alfalfa

The Science Park Foundation of the University of Valladolid tests the effectiveness of ficosagroin.

In May 2018, Ficosterra started a new field trial in collaboration with the Science Park Foundation of the University of Valladolid to measure the effects of the ficosagro bioactivator on the production of alfalfa.

The test, directed by Ángel Fombedilla, a professor in the Department of Vegetable Production of the university’s Palencia Campus, was carried out to research the micro parcels that the university has in Palencia.

In this Castilian-Leonese environment, Professor Fombedilla proposed a study with several parameters of measurement and monitoring, including:

  • The eventual increase in crop production
  • The increase of the crop’s total protein content
  • The health improvement of the crop
  • The increase in crop profitability

At the end of the alfalfa campaign, with the first data obtained, we can assume the following conclusion:

For this trial, a total of 21 liters of ficosagro per hectare was used for several applications during the crop cycle.

Ficosagro is a natural liquid fertilizer, without chemical additives, that applies BCB (Biological Cropt Booster) technology, which is formed using a combination of beneficial microorganisms in an optimal medium for culture, such as the extraction of agarophytes. Its main function is to digest organic matter and release the nutrients provided by fertilization and / or blocked by the soil, making them more easily accepted by the crop and, therefore, can achieve the most productive results.

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