En este momento estás viendo Palomarejos Golf Enjoys the Success of our Organic Technology

Palomarejos Golf Enjoys the Success of our Organic Technology

The Palomarejos Golf turf is treated with algae and regenerating microorganisms

Javier Fuentes, Forestry and Turf Management Engineer from the University of Georgia and Head Greenkeeper since 2005 at Palomarejos Golf, wanted to share with us his experience with the use of ficosagro® in the greens of this outstanding field located in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo).

His many years of experience have led him to understand the different solutions derived from algae which he applies in their annual maintenance plans. However, the solution offered by our ficosagro® biostimulant was unbeknownst to him until a colleague told him last April about its characteristics and the benefits obtained when applying it directly to the greens:

“The speed and convenience of the application of the product on the greens have been key in our choice to use this liquid product. Although we must wait until the end of the plant’s annual physiological cycle to extract the results, the partial data to date are fully satisfactory. We have observed a greater resistance to summer stress, which in these Castilian lands is quite high.”

We would like to thank Javier Fuentes and all the team that composes Palomarejos Golf for the quote and their trust in Ficosterra by choosing ficosagro® – a liquid, organic biostimulant, made from algae and regenerating microorganisms – to improve the health of lawns and, in addition, save time and money on their maintenance.

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