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Is our agricultural model sustainable?

During the Climate Summit in Madrid, the specific changes that countries need to make in order to reduce their pollution levels are being debated.

Ficosterra is part of a rising community of sustainable companies that are respectful of the environment.

Among the ten major issues that are being addressed at the Climate Summit in Madrid is the sustainability of agriculture, one of the most active players in climate change. To date, it has worked intensely but there is still much to be done by the main government, social, and business agents.

Young people prefer Ficosterra`s organic products

Almost three years have passed since Ficosterra began with the objective of placing itself on the map of biotechnology companies producing organic fertilizers and biostimulants for agriculture. Our company’s main goal is to be able to offer a sustainable model that transcended organic farming and aspired to be a real option in conventional agriculture.

Melon crops treated with the Ficosagro biostimulant. Ciudad Real, Spain, 2019

The objectives that we define are associated on the one hand, with an environmental aspect, where the production systems must be compatible with the environment in which they are located and on the other, with a socioeconomic aspect, where the priority is to supply the market demand while maintaining or increasing the quantities produced without environmental cost. These objectives that we set for ourselves today are concrete now since we have been able to unite both sides in a range of biostimulant products and seaweed fertilizers. In these past years, we have been able to prove with great satisfaction how it is possible to regenerate soils and increase agricultural yields, offering the current market a more sustainable alternative.

According to António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, climate change is no longer a long-term problem: “The point of no return is no longer on the horizon, we have it on top.” The Summit that is being held now in Madrid will reveal the degree of commitment that different countries assume in the matter.

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