En este momento estás viendo Ficosterra will participate in the IV World Congress of Biostimulants

Ficosterra will participate in the IV World Congress of Biostimulants

From November 18 to 21, Spain will host a new edition of the World Congress of Biostimulants, a world reference event in this sector in which Ficosterra will participate in its exhibition to present its innovative fertilizers and biofertilizers made of algae and microorganisms.

The Fairmont King Juan Carlos I of Barcelona will be the site of this international event that celebrates its fourth edition this year and in which the main actors of a rising sector will be present and that, fortunately, every day is more present in the agriculture world. The event, organized by the prestigious magazine New AG International will bring together more than one thousand delegates from all over the world and will contribute to exchanging knowledge, creating business opportunities, and discussing new challenges, trends, and experiences surrounding biostimulants, an innovative green tool for organic and conventional farmers.

Ficosterra present at stand 21 in Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I

Ficosterra will be present in the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I exhibition area at stand 21 and will do so with the Mexican company Alga Mar (Algas Marinas, SA), Ensenada (Mexico), company with which it has established a collaboration agreement in the field of technology exchange.

Find us at stand 21 of Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I (Barcelona)

Presentation of the new Ficosterra biostimulant: Cystium-k

During the exhibition Ficosterra will present its new liquid biostimulant, CYSTIUM-K, an input made from the extract of Macrocystis Pyrifera algae whose benefits for crops, tested both in the laboratory and in the field, lie in the improvement of the germination rate, the increase, multiplication, and cell differentiation in the early stages of plant growth. Promotes the development of axillary buds, leaf mass, and photosynthetic capacity and increases root hairiness, while stimulating the natural defense of the crop thanks to its high content in phytohormones and cations.

The product will be on sale from next November 18 in bottles of 1L, 5L and 20L, in drums of 220 L and IBC (1,000L).

Spain: in the first European positions in the manufacture of biostimulants

Spain has one of the most powerful agronutrient and biostimulant industries in Europe and thanks to it, we actively contribute to obtaining sustainable and environmentally friendly crops.

Achieving sustainable agriculture based on innovative products such as those manufactured by Ficosterra is one of the main challenges of the agri-food sector and farmers who opt for these inputs as a complement to their crops are increasingly aware that they not only obtain greater profitability in their crops but also contribute to forging a new model of sustainable agriculture and zero waste.

According to the latest report published by Future Market Insights (IMF), Western Europe dominates the global biostimulant market and expects it will continue to dominate it until 2025, data-fueled by the prominent role of the Spanish industry.

The fact is that in the last decade a great effort is being made in research and improvement in the use of these products. The figures reveal that it is currently growing at an annual rate (CAGR) close to 12%.

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