En este momento estás viendo Ficosterra receives the QIA prize in its category: Microenterprises-Startups

Ficosterra receives the QIA prize in its category: Microenterprises-Startups

The Association of Promotion Centers of Excellence has awarded Ficosterra and seven other Spanish companies with the award for first place in the national phase that will lead them to compete in the International Quality Innovation Awards, QIA, a competition created in 2007 by Excellence Finland for the promotion of innovative projects in companies and organizations, granting them local and international recognition and increasing the competitiveness of companies in participating countries.

The event, held in Madrid at the headquarters of the Higher Council for Scientific Research, was lucky enough to have the heads of the eight distinguished companies and various authorities participating, such as the president of the Association of Centers of Excellence, D. Fernando Sierra; the director of the ANECA, Mr. José Arnáez; the vice-president of the CSIC, Mr. Jesús Marco or Ms. Montserrat Torices. They were responsible for the division of ​​the Creation of Companies of the Board of Castilla and León and in charge of delivering the prizes to the winners.

The general director of Ficosterra, Luis Lombana, received the award in its category, Microenterprises and Startups, from the president of the Association of Centers Promoters of Excellence, D. Fernando Sierra. This distinguishes Ficosterra for its contribution to the field of biotechnology, in which algae and microorganisms work together to achieve a new model of fertilization in agriculture.

The eight winning companies had the opportunity to present their respective projects during the event, which all have in common the development of a «quality innovation,» or an innovation that meets five characteristics: novelty, usefulness, knowledge, customer orientation and effectiveness.

Ficosterra took advantage of this moment to present a corporate video that we invite you to watch: https://www.ficosterra.com/ficosterra-premio-qia-2018-cex

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