En este momento estás viendo Ficosterra Participates in the 5th AEAS Conference

Ficosterra Participates in the 5th AEAS Conference

V Conference of AEAS, Pamplona

On May 22, the conference took place in the assembly hall of the Purification Station of the Commonwealth of the Pamplona Region. It was a workshop on the treatment and management of sewage sludge in the framework of the 5th Conference of AEAS (Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation).

For the first time in this type of conference, Ficosterra was invited as a manufacturer of foliar liquid fertilizers, biofertilizers, and 100% natural organic products for the treatment of water and sewage sludge. With this invitation, AEAS, a national association at the forefront in the promotion of technology for water supply and sanitation, wanted to make the results of the Ficosterra’s latest success stories known to more than 30 technical assistants. As a start up of biotechnology applied to the Environment and Organic and Conventional Agriculture, we had achieved the most success in different sludge treatment plants in the peninsula.

In this meeting, a specialist in the area of ​​environment for Ficosterra, Alejandro Martínez Quesada as well as the commercial director of the same area, José Miguel Avendaño (former CEO in CESPA and in VALORIZA SERVICIOS ENVIRONMENTAL) answered all doubts and questions about the performance possibilities of organic matter biodigester ficoswaste® both in wastewater and sewage sludge.

In all the cases raised, it was possible to recommend the application of this product, which is 100% natural, made from algae and regenerative microorganisms, to achieve not only the considerable reduction of odors from the composting process (for example, the harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide), but also the acceleration of the decomposition of organic matter throughout the process. These benefits, explained CITA, “achieve, in the end, a double objective: greater care for our environment in a key and contaminating sector, such as sludge, as well as a clear economic advantage for management companies to be able to process a greater quantity of sludge in the same period of time.”

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the possibilities of working with of our ficoswaste biodigestor for the treatment and compost of urban solid waste, sewage sludge, MOR, wastewater treatment, or water treatment in reservoirs and reservoirs, you can get in touch with our technical department (info@ficosterra.com) who can carry out, without economic cost, a needs and budget study according to the specifications of the organic waste to be treated.

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