Ficosterra launches their online store

Ficosterra opens its online sales channel to offer its fertilizers and biostimulants of extracts of algae and microorganisms to a public that increasingly trusts our products as a sustainable alternative for crops, orchards and plants

The store will have a “store-products” section where we will offer our fertilizers and biostimulants in a small format, specially designed for use in gardens, urban gardens, and orchards, both organic and conventional.

We invite you to learn about the spectacular benefits that algae and microorganisms bring to your crops, plants, and grass in a comfortable, fast, and economical way.

You just have to visit the “store-products” page and within no more than 3-4 days, you will receive your purchase at your home, without shipping and handling costs.

Take advantage of the spring and summer months to make your first purchase !

The ficosagro® and cystium-k® biostimulants from Ficosterra: a life boost for your plants and crops

ficosagro® is a liquid biostimulant, from extracts of algae with microorganisms, that supports the development and strength of plants, enriching the fertility and productivity of the soil.

ficosagro® 1L, especially for urban gardens, meadows, and orchards
ficosagro® 5L recommended format for organic and conventional gardens

The product can be purchased in 1L bottles and 5L bottles, small formats specially designed for home use in gardens, houseplants, greenhouses, urban gardens, and orchards, both ecological and conventional. In the latter case, it is especially meant as a soil regenerator.

Ficosagro promotes the growth, strength, and health of your plants

It has a simple application process because it is sufficient to just dilute the product in water (preferably without chlorine) and water the plant/garden once a month, during the spring and summer months.

It has the authorization of the Austrian Federal Food Safety Office (Bundesamt für Ernährungssicherheit) to be used in agriculture, horticulture, and grass fields for sports use and markets with shared recognition by Ficosterra, S.L.

It is a 100% organic product and free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Ficosagro promotes the growth, strength, and health of your plants

Benefits of the biostimulant ficosagro®

cystium-k® is a biostimulant made from Macrocystis Pyrifera algae. It contains cations and a high concentration of phytohormones.
It favors germination and fruit set and is recommended for all types of crops and fruit trees, both organic and conventional.
It is also meant as nutritional support for fertilization.

This biostimulant of pure seaweed extract is registered in Ireland as Low Nutrient Fertilizer and marketed by mutual recognition by Ficosterra, S.L.
It is a 100% organic product and free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

cystium-k, in horticultural crops, increases the size of the fruit

Benefits of the cystium-k biostimulant

  • Greater vigor, strength, and health of the plant
  • Increased soil fertility and fruit size
  • Greater root development
  • Provides nutrients and amino acids of natural origin, easily absorbed by the plant

The ficosterra-g® bokashi. The exclusive Ficosterra vegetable fertilizer

The word bokashi means “fermented organic matter” in Japanese.

Ficosterra composts its algae Gelidium in this way, and we associate that exotic name with our fertilizer ficosterra-g, a 100% organic product, absolutely exclusive and unique in all of Europe, whose function is to improve vegetative growth, rooting, flowering and germination of the plant.

It is a 100% vegetable product, free of seeds and weeds, and does not give off bad odors.

It is specially designated to be used as a soil improver in orchards, gardens, and plants as it facilitates water retention, substrate permeability, and drainage.

Also, it supports the absorption of nutrients by plants and neutralizes the absorption of heavy metals from herbicides and insecticides.

Presentation in packages of 5 units
The texture of the ficosterra-g algae fertilizer

The bokashi ficosterra-g is registered as an organic supplement with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food, and Environment (MAPAMA).

If you want to learn about the approach, evolution, and results of the tests we have carried out in collaboration with the Huerto de El Retiro of the Madrid City Council, click on this video.

ficosturf: the biostimulant for meadows and sports grass

ficosturf is a liquid biofertilizer from algae extracts with microorganisms that, thanks to its Biological Crop Booster technology, enriches the biological potential of the soil, achieving greater development and strength of bunches.

It is a 100% ecological product, free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Its effectiveness is compared by the Madrid Institute for Rural, Agrarian and Food Research, and Development (IMIDRA) of the Community of Madrid, with whom Ficosterra signed a collaboration agreement in the field of research to learn the effects of ficosturf biostimulant within the crop cycle of the fields. If you want to know all the details of the approach, development, and results of the trial, click here.

Beneficios del bioestimulante ficosturf en los campos de Golf
  • Transforms organic matter, reducing thatch and black layer
  • Regenerates soil, improves its structure and nutritional balance
  • Improves pond water conditions on golf courses
  • It is an environmentally friendly product

All our products have SHC ecological certification

There are more and more demands from the market, the competition, and the consumer that demand the implementation of quality standards through different certifications, thus guaranteeing agri-food quality.

Also, the provision of a certification generates a position in the market against the competition, directly affecting the image of the company. This allows the company to compete in a broader market both nationally and internationally and build trust with customers and consumers.

Ficosterra has obtained in all its products the agro-food certification of Sohiscert (Sociedad Hispana de Certificación S.A.), an entity with more than 20 years of experience in certification and pioneers in the Ecological Production sector.

After confinement, all institutions must firmly commit to the innovation and sustainability of our crops

With the opening of the online store, at Ficosterra we want to facilitate the arrival of innovative, sustainable, and 100% organic products to a greater number of gardens, fields, and orchards.

We know that more and more people are looking for this type of product to find an effective solution to help their crops grow while contributing to caring for our environment.

As said a few days ago, in an interview, Pedro Gallardo, President of the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture (ALAS) and Vice President of the Association of Young Farmers (ASAJA):

“Only innovation and technology guarantee the sustainability of our agriculture.”

Food Magazine 05/03/2020

At Ficosterra we are sure that after the health crisis, concern for our health will be a priority, but so will sustainability and care for the environment, and we want to contribute to it. Together, let us make these contributions bigger and bigger so that their reach is global.

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