En este momento estás viendo Ficosterra, international prize for innovation

Ficosterra, international prize for innovation

Ficosterra received the QIA Quality Innovation Award in Beijing, in the category of micro businesses & startups, for its work in the research and transformation of algae for soil regeneration and the optimization of agricultural yields as a new model of agriculture.

True to the commitment to a sustainable agriculture model, Ficosterra has developed fertilizers and biofertilizers through technologies which are based on algae and microorganisms, allowing for a better development of crops and plants while still respecting the environment.

The Quality Innovation Award is an international competition which was created in 2007 by Excellence Finland Laatukeskus (the Finnish Government Quality Association) to promote innovative projects in companies and organizations, to give them the ability compare themselves, and to give local and international recognition to the most innovative projects. Since then, organizations promoting Quality, Excellence and Innovation have been incorporated into the Committee for Organization. The objective of the competition is to highlight innovative projects in companies and organizations.

This Award has eight categories in which the candidates participate first in a national process in which they are evaluated by ANECA experts and CEX evaluators and later are able to compete in an international process.

In addition to Ficosterra, other Spanish organizations such as Amadix, EGA Master, or the Airport of Teruel have also won with this award.

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