En este momento estás viendo ficosterra has received a                     new innovation aword: FAE 2019

ficosterra has received a new innovation aword: FAE 2019

Luis Lombana and Ficosterras`s team with the aword

On September 6, the Confederation of Business Associations of Burgos, celebrated the IX edition of the FAE Innovation awards, in which it distinguished the business project of Ficosterra, to award it the prize in the category of micro-enterprise.

The event took place at the facilities of the Art Center of the Caja de Burgos (CAB), during a gala in which different authorities and FAE associates participated, as well as former winners and jurors.

During the event, different authorities took the floor to value the importance of innovation in any phase of a company’s growth. Thus, José María Vela, Managing Director of the Technological Institute of Castilla y León (ITCL) and technical secretary of this award, valued the work done every day by Burgos companies for innovation and how, thanks to it, have turned Burgos and its province into a national reference in R&D.

FAE Vice President Gonzalo López Recio intervened and stressed that “innovation and research and development are necessary, not only for companies to grow, but also to be maintained over time.”

For his part, Rafael Barbero, president of the Caja de Burgos Foundation, sponsor of these awards, stressed the importance of an award such as the one granted by FAE, pointing out: “What we are looking for is the momentum of innovation in private companies.” He added: “creating references such as what we reward today, we understand that we get companies to have innovation in their mind and carry it out.”

Luis Lombana, CEO of Ficosterra thanked FAE and the Caja de Burgos Foundation for the award given to Ficosterra, a recognition of a short but intense R&D career focused on agriculture, “to the new agriculture of the 21st century, where sustainability and respect for the environment must be the priority of the institutions, the agricultural industry and, of course, the farmer.”

The FAE awards were born in 2011 to recognize and promote innovation in the Burgos business fabric, rewarding SMEs and micro SMEs. They are sponsored by the Caja de Burgos Foundation, the Technological Institute of Castilla y León and the University of Burgos.

In this edition, Ficosterra has received the award together with Pescafácil, a seafood processing company awarded in the small business category.

From these lines, we would like to take the opportunity to thank FAE, the Caja de Burgos Foundation, ITCL and the University of Burgos, for this important initiative that contributes so much to boost the R + D + I of our province.

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