En este momento estás viendo Ficosterra: finalist in the QIA Awards

Ficosterra: finalist in the QIA Awards

The Panel of the Quality Innovation Award in the national phase distinguishes Ficosterra as the winner of the category of Microenterprises & Startups.

The prizes are created by Laatukeskus Excellence Finland, a Finnish non-profit organization that aims to help increase the growth of certain types of companies.

The Quality Innovation Award is an international competition that recognizes innovative projects in companies and organizations; gives them national and international recognition; and gives candidates an external, independent, and highly qualified evaluation.

These awards, started in Finland in 2007, have been gradually integrating countries such as Israel, Hungary, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, China, Thailand, Botswana, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Spain was incorporated in 2015 by the Centers of Excellence.

The Panel of the Quality Innovation Award, in its national phase, has highlighted the strongest points in the candidacy of Ficosterra as the presentation of a solution that is greatly needed in society, through a clear advance in the application of biotechnology to the agricultural sector, and its response to a concrete need to replace mineral fertilizers while maintaining and improving the productivity of the crops.

The field trials presented in the application have proven that these samples can be implemented systematically in different crops.

Next November 27th, in the Hall of Acts of the Higher Council of Scientific Research of Madrid, the presentation of the awards to the 8 winning companies (in their different categories) will take place. Ficosterra will be there to receive what will be its second prize in just five months.

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