Ficosterra exhibits its cases of success in potatoes in Carpio (Valladolid)

On January 17, Ficosterra had the opportunity to present its success stories during the eighth Potato Day organized by Campo CyL magazine in Carpio (Valladolid, Spain)

Alejandro Martínez, head of R&D at Ficosterra

This day consisted of a technical meeting that included presentations and round tables, organized in parallel with a space dedicated to the exhibition of machinery, products, and services where Ficosterra also had the opportunity to participate.

In the auditorium of the municipal civic center where more than 500 Castilian-Leonese farmers gathered, Ficosterra presented the success stories obtained in the 2018 and 2019 potato campaigns during the presentation “The soil biostimulation as a production improvement measure. The cases of success in potatoes.

Sara Alonso, Ángela González, Alejandro Martínez, Luis Lombana y Arancha de la Mata

Our CEO, Luis Lombana, was responsible for presenting, very briefly, the details of our company; who we are and what we do. He then gave the floor to Alejandro Martínez, head of R&D at Ficosterra, who stepped in to show how our BCB (Biological Crop Booster) technology acts in crops. It is a perfect blend of the regenerative properties of algae and microorganisms, a symbiosis that achieves more vigorous and productive crops, ecologically and sustainably. The presentation was concluded by Alberto Fresno, an agricultural engineer from Palencia who was responsible for monitoring the tests carried out in the provinces of Palencia and Burgos (Spain).

How does the BCB Technology (Biological Crop Booster) act in crops?

Alejandro explained clearly and concisely what our technology consists of. Algae extracts and microorganisms act together to transform the existing nutrients in the soil and make them available to our crops, achieving healthier, more vigorous and productive crops, behaving as a faithful reflection of what the Indian proverb says: “When food is bad, medicine does not work; when food is good, medicine is not necessary.”

With the biostimulant ficosagro, the crop more easily accesses the soil nutrients and this results in, in the case of the potato, an INCREASE OF THE HARVEST between 6 and 15%; an improvement in the HOMOGENEITY OF THE CALIBERS and an INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF TUBES / FOOT.

Success case in potatoes: Becerrill del Carpio, Mave, Alar del Rey (Palencia), and Bascones del Agua (Burgos)

Below we present, graphically, the characteristics and results obtained in the tests undertaken with the biostimulant ficosagro in the Castilian-Leon municipalities of Becerril del Carpio, Mave, Alar del Rey and Báscones del Agua and some comparative images of these tests:

Comparative Data of Becerril del Campo essay

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Table 1: tubers number – baraka variety

Control Test Ficosagro®
Tubers (3 PLANTS)
14 16
9 23
34 20
Tubers per plant
6,3 6,6

Δ TUBERS (%) 4,8
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Table 2: Production – Baraka

Control test Ficosagro®
2,31 4,31
Kg Total
Kg Average
3,28 3,59
Δ production (%) 10
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This day has been a real occasion to take stock of the potato production collected throughout 2019, of the news and situation of the sector, including the prices that the farmers have received, something decisive in the behavior of the field sector in Castile and Leon

For Ficosterra, it has been a real opportunity to publicize its technology among the farmers in our region who did not overlook the possibility of producing more economical and sustainable crops.

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