Ficosterra ends all doubts of uses the ficosturf and cystium-k® biostimulants in the Golf courses

During the webinar “BIO-STIMULATION OF THE SOIL: A MEASURE OF FOLIAR AND ROOT IMPROVEMENT IN LAWNS” the specialists of Ficosterra settled the doubts of the greenkeepers of Spain.

We are seeing how in these days of inevitable confinement, most greenkeepers are dedicating a generous and extraordinary effort to lovingly care for their golf course lawns.

Many are experimenting with new tools that make these tasks easier and, at the same time, comply with the environmental regulations that Europe increasingly imposes.

The detailed knowledge of these new tools was the reason that brought together many greenkeepers from all over Spain to participate in the webinar called by ficosterra: “THE BIOSTIMULATION OF THE SOIL: A MEASURE OF FOLIAR AND ROOT IMPROVEMENT IN LAWNS”.

This training session began with a presentation of the benefits of algae in ficosturf and cystium-k® biostimulants.

Next, the data obtained from the trial carried out by IMIDRA on grassland and grass for sports use were presented.

Increased fertility: microbial activity

The talk ended with a question hour when the Ficosterra technicians were able to answer questions regarding dosages, application forms, prices, etc.

The biostimulants ficosturf (biological activator of the soil) and cystium-k® (pure extract of algae Macrocystis Pyrifera for the improvement of fruit set), form two complementary and innovative tools, which are already being used in the best golf courses in Spain with excellent results.

The ficosturf biostimulant acts on the lawn increasing soil fertility, promoting root development, offering easier access to the nutrient, and also a general sanitary improvement of the plant.

All these results are collected with all kinds of details in the official report of the trial on meadows and grass for sports use that, at the request of Ficosterra, was carried out by IMIDRA (official agri-food research organization of the Community of Madrid).

Introduced to greenkeepers for the first time, Cystium-k Biostimulant is a new natural liquid solution from Ficosterra, containing no chemical synthesis elements or GMOs.

Thanks to its physicochemical composition, rich in phytohormones and cations, more vigorous development of tussocks are obtained, the response to biotic and abiotic stress is improved, and the photosynthetic rate is increased.

This new product from Ficosterra is a pure extract of the algae Macrocystis Pyrifera, giant algae (probably the largest in the world, about fifty meters high), from the Pacific Ocean.

At the end of the presentation, question time was opened among the attendees to learn in detail the doses and ways of applying both products, cost-effectiveness of the products, etc.

Here’s a brief extract of this very interesting part of the webinar as well as the “flourish” that Gonzalo Fernández Castaño gave us from Florida in gratitude for the great work that greenkeepers from all over Spain do in these times of world confinement.

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