En este momento estás viendo Ficosterra begins it’s first online technical meetings

Ficosterra begins it’s first online technical meetings

Aware of the harsh and exceptional situation we are experiencing these days because of COVID-19, and because #elcamponopara (agriculture doesn’t stop), we want to invite distributors and farmers to the first online technical meetings of ficosterra.

Without leaving your house, you can learn about the benefits of the biostimulants ficosagro® and cystium-k® from the general director of ficosterra, Luis Lombana and our technicians Alejandro Martínez and Antonio Germán Martínez.

From left to right:
Alejandro Martínez, Luis Lombana, and Antonio Germán Martínez

They will be technical sessions, online, which, for free, we will offer every week while this situation lasts .

We have chosen Thursdays to hold the meeting. We started on April 2 dedicating it to the cultivation of citrus. It will be a brief meeting in which our technicians will answer all kinds of questions about the characteristics, benefits, application method, dosage and Success Cases obtained.Specifically, we will dedicate Thursday, April 2 to the cultivation of Citrus, exhibiting the Success Cases obtained in the 2018 campaigns in Huelva and 2019 in Valencia (in the cultivation of the Mandarin variety Oronules).

Next April 2nd, online meeting : citrus

We will tell you in detail the characteristics of the two new Ficosterra biostimulants, complementary to each other. Their function is to stimulate vegetative growth and the fruiting of citrus. These two new products, ficosagro®, and cystium-k® are 100% organic, per the requirements of the new European policies. They are adequate for both organic and conventional crops and do not contaminate aquifers.

Ficosagro® is a microbial cocktail that helps balance the soil, improving its fertility and optimizing the application of fertilizers at the same time.

Cystium-k® is a pure extract of algae, with a high phytohormonal load, which helps vegetative development and increases the fruit’s sizes.

The combination of both biostimulants, 100% organic, gives the crop the ability to develop its maximum productive potential: on the one hand, they facilitate access to the nutrient and on the other, they fatten of the fruit.

Trials with Ficosagro®: 2019 campaign – Valencia – Mandarin Oronules.

Trials with Ficosagro®: 2018 campaign – Huelva – Mandarin Oronules

To hear more details about its effects, application, dosage, composition, and success stories, we are waiting for you at the online technical meeting that we will hold on April 2. For more information and registration you can contact: a.martinez@ficosterra.com or by calling +34 910 100 505

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