En este momento estás viendo Ficosterra and Sipcam Jardin sign a contract for the distribution of the bokashi Ficosterra-G

Ficosterra and Sipcam Jardin sign a contract for the distribution of the bokashi Ficosterra-G

Ficosterra, S.L. has recently signed a contract with Sipcam Jardin, S.L. for the distribution of Bokashi Ficosterra-g, our 100% organic algae fertilize, which actively contributes to vegetative growth, rooting, flowering and fruit formation, all while strengthening the plant’s immunological capacity.

Sipcam Jardin, a leading multinational company in the sale and distribution of phytosanitary products, nutrients, biostimulants, and other fertilizers for the field and garden sectors has been characterized since its foundation by its search and development of new, cutting-edge technologies that meet the demand of its customers and guarantee safety, ease of use, biological effectiveness, and respect for the environment.

In Ficosterra, we manufacture and market fertilizers and biological fortifiers (solids and liquids) that fit perfectly in the premises that Sipcam Jardin seeks for its final client.

This company, through its brand Vithal Garden, has chosen the Bocashi Ficosterra-g to be included as a star product in the solutions for the gardens and fields which were recently presented at the international fair Iberflora, held in Valencia from October 3rd to 5th, 2018.

During this event, the heads of Sipcam Jardin decided to do an original staging to present the bag of Bokashi, with the format chosen by the brand to market it in the main gardening centers that Sipcam has throughout the country.

Luis Lombana, general director of Ficosterra, S.L., was invited to the opening ceremony, had the opportunity to be photographed with the technical director of Sipcam Jardin, Salvador Boquera, and showed the design chosen for the product’s launch into the market.

The International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology, and Bricojardin (Iberflora), had more than 11,000 visitors participate this year who have had the opportunity to learn from the hand of Sipcam the characteristics of this organic algae fertilizer, a cutting-edge product in this sector that is very attractive not only for the benefits discussed above, but also for its easy use, texture, and the striking absence of odor, together with a total lack of seeds and weeds, clearly makes it a better alternative to traditional fertilizers.

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