Ficosagro®: the biostimulant that everyone’s talking about

Farmers, technicians, and entrepreneurs tell us about their experience with our biostimulant that regenerates soil life: ficosagro®.

The Ficosterra communication team has approached the Almería and Granada coasts to hear the opinions of farmers, technicians, and entrepreneurs who have tried ficosagro®.

To learn the benefits and how the ecological biostimulant ficosagro® works in horticultural crops, you cannot miss the video that we have attached below.

It contains the testimonies of:

All of them value the ability of ficosagro® to produce healthier, more vigorous and productive crops. This, without a doubt, offers greater profitability to the farmer.

The key is explained very well by Laura Duarte:

“Land is the most important tool that a farmer has, and they have to take care of it”.

Laura Duarte, agricultural technician

Indeed, if we exhaust the land of our crops, if we mismanage them or over-exploit them, it will be very difficult to achieve their fertility and production capacity.

Soil depletion: more than a worrisome situation

According to IFAD data, around 300 million hectares in Latin America are already affected by erosion and soil depletion.

Speaking globally, the number of hectares skyrockets:

According to FAO, 33 percent of Earth’s land is moderate to highly degraded due to erosion, salinization, compaction, acidification, and chemical contamination of soils.

Dry field with corn

These data give us a chilling picture: We are putting the planet’s ability to produce enough food and supply a growing population at risk.

The environmental NGO Global Footprint Network reports that until the end of 1969 the world consumed at the same rate as the earth produced. But this situation has changed. Year after year it has been degrading, due to over-exploitation.

We know that since 2017 the ability of the planet to regenerate sustainably has been exhausted. The support of external aid is needed to achieve higher productions, per the needs of the new population.

Agrobiotechnology as part of the solution

The technical summary that the FAO published in 2015 on the State of the World Soil, stated that this trend could be reversed. Strong initiatives were necessary to promote sustainable soil management practices and the use of new technologies to complement these actions.

Five years have passed and only today would we dare to say that world policies are moving in that direction. Awareness campaigns are continuing and sustainable regulations are also beginning to be implemented.

There are more and more awareness campaigns, regulations for sustainable purposes, and technologies that provide solutions to this important problem.

Agro-biotech companies such as Ficosterra have emerged, companies of the 21st century that contribute to changing this dynamic.

Our philosophy is to return to the earth what is extracted from it. We are a marine biotechnology start-up, specialized in organic agriculture, which uses marine resources to optimize agricultural yields.

Ficosterra’s mission is to offer farmers innovative solutions capable of improving the yields of their crops. Environmentally-friendly solutions.

We have researched for years to develop biostimulants with algae extracts to help achieve healthier and more productive crops.

Most fertilizers have been based on inorganic products (urea, nitrate and ammonium sulfate).

And so have many of the growth regulators and stimulants that are used (chemical amino acids, synthetic phytohormones, etc).

The overuse of this type of product and the poor management of the soil, without the proper rotations, has left us with what we call a land depletion.

They have also left us with the contamination of aquifers.

Regeneration of the earth: the key to our biostimulants

Ficosterra’s biostimulants are
100% organic

We are aware that to maintain a conventional crop at its maximum production today, external help is necessary.

New technologies contribute to making this aid also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Organic crops are now a real and productive alternative.

At Ficosterra, we offer the farmer liquid biostimulants, easy to apply, under the common denominator of Biological Crop Booster technology.

The joint action of algae and microorganisms provided by the ecological biostimulant ficosagro® aims to regenerate the earth naturally.

So, ficosagro® provides a sustainable technology with which the plant can access the nutrients in the soil quickly and efficiently.

We can say that Ficosagro® is an innovative tool that improves the profitability of crops. It was created as an effective alternative, of which professionals of the sector begin to speak more every day.

There are already many aware farmers who have decided to make the leap from conventional agriculture, based on chemical-mineral fertilization, to organic agriculture.

But more people must join this trend.

David Vargas, José Antonio Valentín, Ahmed Elcabore, Carlos Muñoz, Laura Duarte, and Fabio García have already made their testimony. Thank you all very much for your strong support for innovation in agriculture. Thank you all very much for your support of Ficosterra.

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