En este momento estás viendo Experiment with Ficoswaste: Composting Plants in the Copero EDAR (Seville)

Experiment with Ficoswaste: Composting Plants in the Copero EDAR (Seville)

On July 9, 2018, at the EMASESA mud and sludge composting plant, located next to the Copero Wastewater Treatment Plant (Dos Hermanas, Sevilla), which belongs to the sewage network of the public company EMASESA (Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla, S.A), will begin a sustainability trial to measure the effectiveness of our biodigester FICOSWASTE in the treatment of mud and sludge that is being managed daily by the VALORA group.

After the success gained at the sludge composting plant of DAM, in Carcaixent (Valencia) (https://www.ficosterra.com/compostaje-de-lodos-en-depuradoras) ficosterra has been contacted by the public company EMASESA who has been developing a series of public-private collaboration agreements in order to contribute to the expansion of the areas in which they sense clear opportunities for municipal growth, modernization, improvement, and efficiency. In this sense, Ficosterra, as a Spanish biotechnology company dedicated to the environment, has given EMASESA the possibility of starting trials with its biodigester Ficoswaste, a 100% natural product, made from algae and regenerating microorganisms that accelerates the composting processes of organic matter and significantly reduces the odors that arise in treatment plants. With this test, EMASESA is committing to an innovative and sustainable Spanish technology that seeks to solve the problem of odors given off by Copero’s plant and all the plants that treat of sludge of EDAR, due to the high indexes of sulphuric acid.

The test will be carried out on a 50 tons of sludge and will start at the beginning of July, under the technical direction of the Ficosterra engineers and with the collaboration and monitoring of the Valora and Emasesa Group technicians. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks to Mr. Alberto Ortiz Arenas, responsible for sludge management and the Composting Plant as well as Mr. Valentín Jiménez, managing director of the VALORA Group, for their interest and confidence in our technology.

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