• Gelidium-s<sup>®</sup>Gelidium-s<sup>®</sup> Quick View
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      Gelidium-s<sup>®</sup>Gelidium-s<sup>®</sup> Quick View
    • Gelidium-s®

    • 14,50 20,80  VAT and transport inc.
    • 100% vegetable bokashi seaweed substrate that provides all the nutrients plants need for healthy and vigorous growth. The Gelidium-s substrate also provides the regenerating microorganisms of the marine algae that contribute to actively improve the assimilation of nutrients in the plant. Does not contain raw materials of animal origin or GMOs. It is suitable for organic and conventional crops.
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  • cystium-k<sup>®</sup>cystium-k<sup>®</sup> Quick View
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      cystium-k<sup>®</sup>cystium-k<sup>®</sup> Quick View
    • cystium-k®

    • 5,76 16,00  VAT and transport inc.
    • Cystium-k® is a liquid biostimulant that actively helps the plant to overcome any stress situation derived from a sudden change in temperature, drought, excess cold or heat, pathogens, pests, etc. It is a product of natural origin, without elements of chemical synthesis or GMOs, certified ecological by Shohiscert and suitable for biodynamic farmers (Demeter).
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  • ficosagro<sup>®</sup>ficosagro<sup>®</sup> Quick View
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      ficosagro<sup>®</sup>ficosagro<sup>®</sup> Quick View
    • ficosagro®

    • 5,18 14,40  VAT and transport inc.
    • Ficosagro® is a liquid solution made from algae extracts that provides a large number of microorganisms that improve soil fertility. 100% NATURAL product. It does not contain any chemical element or GMOs. It is suitable for organic and conventional crops.
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  • ficosterra-g<sup>®</sup>ficosterra-g<sup>®</sup> Quick View
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      ficosterra-g<sup>®</sup>ficosterra-g<sup>®</sup> Quick View
    • ficosterra-g®

    • 13,50 22,00  VAT and transport inc.
    • Natural organic fertilizer composed of algae and vegetable structuring. It improves the physical structure of the soil, increases water retention and provides the soil with nutrients in an organic way. Ficosterra-g® is a natural product, 100% vegetable, without animal remains or GMOs. It is certified for organic farming by Sohiscert. It is suitable for organic and conventional cultivation.
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