The ficosterra-g® seaweed bokashi seeds the soils of Huelva and Almería with life

The organic supplement ficosterra-g® was chosen this year by many farmers in Huelva and Almería to prepare their land for new crops

In these months of intense heat, the period of preparing the land for new plantations begins in highly agricultural areas such as Huelva and Almería.

In these coastal areas of Spain, farmers and distributors are already very aware of the benefits that biotechnology brings to the field.

More and more are betting on agrobiotechnology, a true technological revolution for the field that brings important changes in the management of land and crops with undoubted benefits.

Algae: a natural source of soil nutrients

Agrobiotechnology: a revolutionary new discipline for the field
Microorganisms work in the soil to release their nutrients

Benefits of using biostimulants and biofertilizers:

  • Usually work to increase crop productivity by 10 to 20%, depending on the type of crop
  • Bring about an earlier growth cycle
  • Increase the caliber and uniformity of the fruits
  • The crops are able to better adapt to any type of stress
  • The generalized health improvement in plants is obtained and they are better able to resist any type of pathogen

With these new organic inputs, the farmer gets an opportunity to make the most profit with his crops.

These are visible and direct benefits added to other indirect ones, from which the whole planet benefits:

  • Prevents soil and aquifer contamination
  • Avoids depletion of mineral resources
  • Infertility, changes in soil structure, and erosion, caused by abuse of traditional fertilization systems, are avoided and natural biological activity promoted
  • and … the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from the degradation of unused chemical fertilizers is also avoided

As we say at Ficosterra:

Never before was there such a sustainable profit!

Strawberry, the main agricultural engine in Huelva, incorporates the benefits of ficosterra-g seaweed bokashi

The strawberry: main representative of the Huelva’s gastronomy

Huelva’s farmers are preparing the soil these days and enhancing it with organic matter, an absolutely necessary element to provide it with nutrients.

Many of them have chosen to incorporate biotech products from the outset, instead of using traditional manure.

The ficosterra-g® seaweed bokashi, which is manufactured and marketed by Ficosterra, has been the choice of many strawberry producers to prepare their land for the coming season.

They have been able to learn from the hand of their distributor Valenzuela & CIA the benefits of the ficosterra-g® seaweed bokashi, a soil regenerator registered by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as an organic supplement.

It is a 100% ecological, innovative, and exclusive product from Ficosterra that has begun to be used in strawberries as a natural fertilizer and source of trace elements.

ficosterra-g® is an organic plant matter supplement that contains 90% seaweed.

Valenzuela & CIA, the exclusive distributor of Ficosterra’s biotech products in the area, knows the ancient benefits of algae in agriculture well and is the one who is advising the use of this new and revolutionary organic supplement among strawberry producers, the main economic engine of the area.

This “life force” of plant origin called ficosterra-g® algae bokashi has a high concentration of organic matter, ideal for fulfilling traditional fertilizer practices in the area.

Preparation of the ground for the cultivation of the Strawberry with the algae bokashi ficosterra-g®

Being a biotechnological product, it is harmless, free of pathogens, and free of seeds and weeds.

Another advantage that this distributor has valued among its customers is its small particle size (it is exquisitely screened at 5mm), which facilitates its easy application and the absence of collectings or accumulations that cause imbalances in pH and/or electrical conductivity (EC).

Its application is very simple as it is carried out using a belt fertilizer spreader at a rate of 3 tons/ha.

Finally, its hygiene and absence of unpleasant odors should also be highlighted, a benefit that, without a doubt, the residents of the area have also appreciated, always complaining about the bad odors generated from traditional fertilizer methods.

The crops in greenhouses in Almería also incorporate the “algae bokashificosterra-g®, in the planting holes

The cultivation in greenhouses has also decided this month to incorporate the fertilizer of algae ficosterra-g®, the premium and exclusive product of Ficosterra.

The ficosterra-g bokashi in the Tinkwino tomato planting holes (Almería)

After the success obtained in the previous effort with the application of the biostimulants of extracts of algae and microorganisms in ficosagro® and the pure extract of Macrocystis Pyrífera in cystium-k®, farmers have not hesitated to test the properties of the algae for the ground preparation. This will guarantee a more vigorous growth of the plant, with greater resistance to pathogens and greater productivity.

There are several testimonies collected from success stories in the use of this supplement.

In this sense, one that we wrote about on our blog last January where we explained the planning, development, and results of the test carried out on Moorish tomato in the orchard of the Retiro Park in Madrid.

These results and the experience obtained in the previous effort have encouraged the most daring farmers in the area to buy this exclusive and innovative product from Ficosterra at their reference stores: Cosupral and Vital Savia.

With a dosage of approximately 2.5 – 3 tons per hectare of a greenhouse, they have applied it in the planting hole and also in the preparation of the coverings.

The ficosterra-g® seaweed bokashi will help provide the organic matter in these greenhouses and will also serve as a nutrient reservoir and improve the soil structure.

In both cases (Huelva and Almería), it is important to highlight that, once the transplant has been carried out, biostimulant ficosagro®, a microbial complex with extracts of algae that will optimize the efficiency of the ficosterra-g® algae bokashi and the rest of the fertilizers and fertilizers that are used, allowing to reach the highest productive potential and maximum profitability for the farmer.

To conclude we want to highlight the most important thing: all these achievements will be achieved in a completely ecological and environmentally friendly way!

Welcome to the agriculture of the 21st century, welcome to Ficosterra

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