Cystium-k, the new liquid biostimulant of ficosterra

Ficosterra will attend the IV World Congress of Biostimulants to present its new biostimulant cystium-k® ,   an effective treatment to combat stress in crops

The Macrocystis Pyriferera, a large seaweed that inhabits the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, is the basis of the new Cystium range: a new line of biostimulants that Ficosterra will present, starting with the cystium-k®  product from November 18-21 during the IV World Congress of Biostimulants in Barcelona.

It is the first biostimulant in the Spanish market that introduces the benefits of these seaweed in agriculture, characterized by providing a high content of polysaccharides and suggars that have great benefits in both organic and conventional crops.

Product of natural origin, without elements of chemical synthesis or GMO,  an effective treatment to combat stress in crops, which also increases the germination rate of the crop and favors the fattening phase of the fruit.

Applied on the seed, the new Ficosterra cystium-k®  input favors both germination and the initial stages of plant development, promoting the elongation of primitive roots and the stem. The result is a better establishment of the crop on the ground.

On the other hand, the physicochemical characteristics of our biostimulant cystium-k®  improve fruit set, size, and quantity of fruit per cluster/plant.

First field trials

The tests carried out with cystium-k®  in red fruits and vegetables have given us some important data regarding the increase in fruit set, quantity, and quality and, specifically, in the case of Blueberry, obtaining clusters with a greater quantity of fruit curd which entails a clear productive increase.

These benefits, remember, directly benefit all because they not only provide a production increase and greater profitability for the farmer but also importantly, are achieved naturally and sustainably for our environment.


Product data sheet

Learn about the technical characteristics of the new liquid biostimulant of ficosterra cystium-k®

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