cystium-k®: the most complete and ecological biostimulant on the market

With the arrival of high temperatures, the best time to apply it in a foliar way on your crops and plants is now

Many of you already know that at Ficosterra we manufacture innovative fertilizers and biostimulants, 100% organic and free of GMOs for a public that, increasingly, demands a sustainable and innovative alternative for their crops, orchards, and plants.

The biostimulant cystium-k® is one of these products and today you are in luck because we have just been granted the Demeter certificate for use in biodynamic agriculture from the prestigious FiBL Institute (Research Institute for Organic Agriculture).

cystium-k® available in 1L bottles and 5L bottles

This institute is one of the leaders in international certification for the field of organic agriculture, and they work in its multiple facets for growth and consolidation.

Perhaps many of you will wonder what the Demeter Certificate is and what it is for. Today we tell you about it!

cystium-k®, the pure algae extract Macrocystis Pyrifera, suitable for organic and biodynamic agriculture

The organic input evaluation network Organicinputs has granted Ficosterra the Demeter certification for its biostimulant cystium-k® from Ficosterra, a pure alga extract that favors germination in your crops and fattening of the fruit.

Products that come from biodynamic agriculture are endorsed with the Demeter seal, the most rigorous endorsement for organic farming worldwide. This seal guarantees the highest quality in a crop made according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, in which plants, the people who produce food, and those who consume it always prioritize sustainability and care for the environment.

cystium-k® is a biostimulant made from Macrocystis Pyrifera algae that contain cations and a high concentration of phytohormones, and these features have been valued when obtaining this certification.

In our blog post “Ficosterra compares the benefits of Macrocystis Pyrifera algae compared to the rest of the algae on the market: Ecklonia and Ascophyllum” we told you that this alga, which grows in the Pacific Ocean, has little or nothing to do with properties of algae marketed as Ecklonia or Ascophyllum, and we offered several reasons that justified it.

Most of the algae biostimulants in Spain and Europe come from the Ascophyllum algae, algae that have a high content of cytokinins, which promote branching and axillary growth. They also provide greater photosynthetic capacity.

Cytokinins are poorly mobile phytohormones and, once they reach certain tissues, they become paralyzed.

Also, Ascophyllum is an alga that grows close to the rock and is therefore exposed to many difficulties. Its size is rather modest and when it is collected, it is cut whole (reproductive organs included), which does not favor its reproduction.

For its part, Ecklonia has a high content of auxins that act to promote plant elongation both at the root level and at the apical level.

The algae Macrocystis Pyrifera, with whose extract the biostimulant cystium-k® is made, is giant, about 30-40 meters high that grows in the Pacific Ocean, without the difficulties of growing attached to the rock and the effect of tides.

Its extraction process is unique since only the part that has the greatest amounts of phytohormones and cations is cut.

These characteristics provide our cystium-k® biostimulant with an unparalleled uniqueness that makes it a highly effective product in seed germination, plant growth, and vigor, and for fruit fattening, if applied in a foliar manner. See here the testimonials of the use of our biostimulants.

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