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Circular Economy


«A close partnership of organisms of different species used to benefit each other in their vital development.»

At Ficosterra, we understand that the symbiosis between crops and the environment is the basis of modern agriculture. For this reason, we have developed microbial complexes with algae that significantly increase the ability of organic waste to change into assets of high agronomic value.

Agro Composting

Thanks to the combination of algae and microorganisms, the ficosterra technology is able to:

  • Accelerate the digestion of organic matter
  • Stabilize the fermentation process
  • Eliminate putrefaction processes
  • Eliminate the bad smells generated during any unexpected composting
  • Improve the quality of wastewater by metabolizing the excess nutrients and therefore obtaining healthier conditions
  • Accelerate the denitrification process in wastewater treatment

The microorganisms are responsible for metabolizing organic matter into a new source of energy and food, accelerating its digestion, and preventing the generation of harmful gases.

Once applied to agricultural and livestock debris, a very high quality of compost is obtained because the product creates a large population of regenerating microorganisms whose function is to stabilize the soil’s microbiota.

Thanks to this technique of composting, the optimal use of organic matter and the circle of the symbiosis of agriculture are achieved sustainably.

Therefore, the Circular Economy in agriculture provides a path with new economical and effective solutions that improve the productivity of crops in a sustainable way.

Sewage Treatment

The use of ficos technology in wastewater treatment allows the regeneration of the debris as well as the optimization of operative costs of the WWTP. Its benefits are clear:

  • Deodorization
  • Reduction of oxidative processes
  • Increase in biodegradability and reduction of aeration costs
  • Biological stabilization of sewage sludge

Business and Public Administration Consulting Services

Ficosterra is a Spanish biotechnology company that develops products, services, and solutions to improve agriculture and to fix contaminated environments, soils, and waters.

Our background and philosophy are based on the principles of the Circular Economy. We have a department that studies and develops comprehensive waste management plans and advises companies and institutions in their transition processes from the linear economic model to a Circular Economy model, where the traditional idea of ​​»extract, manufacture, use, and throw away» it is replaced by the one of «reuse, repair, renew, and recycling,» thus imitating nature, in which everything is used for the sake of achieving a sustainable, efficient, and much more competitively economic use of resources.

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